I Love Burgers and Beer

No doubt, the hamburger is America's most popular food. However, its origins as well as its the original inventor are a bit dubious. Nevertheless, the hamburger's ambiguous early history surely adds the interest factor! You can decide for yourself which of these stories you believe. The first area of contention is whether the hamburger originally came sandwiched between two buns or two slices of bread. Can you decide what defines a burger – does it have to be served on a bun or is it still a hamburger if it is on bread slices?

Beer is known as one of the first beverages ancient civilization produced. In fact, it was even invented long before the first bread was created.

A lot of people love hamburgers. However, there are also many people who do not like the beef which is used to cook up your traditional burgers. Whether they choose to go on a vegetarian diet for ethical or purely health reasons, vegetable burgers have become an extremely popular alternative.